Hello! My name is Allison Clark (formerly known as Allison K. Preston, hence akp handmade). Thanks for stopping by.  I live with my artist-turned-lawyer husband and our two very energetic and creative (this is my kind way of saying wild and a bit crazy)  boys, ages 3 and 6.

I have been sewing since I can remember, learning while standing at my mother elbow in her sewing room/closet and watching her create. My pride and joy was my ‘Little House on the Prairie’ dress that she made me; complete with apron and twirly skirt. I wore it every day. Unfortunately, neither of my boys seem inclined to let me make dresses for them.

I love the process of turning fabric into something that can be used and loved. My sewing machine saw a few years of non-use, thanks to my children being born and turning my world on end (in only the best way, of course).  Once my boys were out of their infancy stages and I was able to sit for more than 20 minutes without falling asleep, I got my sewing machine back out and started sewing blankets and blocks and such for them so that I could start creating again and get my hands on some fabric. They only needed so many blanket, so I started selling my playmats on Etsy and it took off from there. You can find me now at various craft shows and art fairs selling baby blankets, blocks, bibs, burp cloths, bags, and a few things for moms as well. I love being able to touch the fabric, see it, cut it, turn it into something and then send it on its merry way for someone to enjoy.

I have an attic where I sew and it is all mine. The walls are aqua, it is full of fabric and thread and it makes me smile every time I enter. The best part is, no boys are allowed.

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